Revolutionising Ownership: How OWNI is Changing the Way We Buy, Organize, and Sell Our Clothes

Revolutionising Ownership: How OWNI is Changing the Way We Buy, Organize, and Sell Our Clothes

The Problem:

The fashion industry is in a crisis. Our closets are cluttered with billions of idle items of clothing, yet billions more are produced yearly with less than 1% effective recycled. In the UK alone, over 70% of our clothes lay forgotten, contributing to an ever-growing mountain of waste. This isn't just an environmental concern; it's a missed economic cost to us as individuals and as a society. To transform this crisis into a sustainable and thriving circular economy we must change our tools of ownership.

Our Mission:

Our mission is hopeful: to organise the world's wardrobes and put an end to waste. 


OWNI's Approach:

Imagine a wardrobe that's not just a physical space but a dynamic, digital ecosystem. OWNI created this by digitising your wardrobe as you shop by turning receipts and purchase data into an interactive library of your possessions. Empowering you with information and control over what you own. 

Our AI is like having an autopilot organising the info on your clothes, where your digital wardrobe is populated automatically as you shop, reminding you which items what you own and love, and which you are ready to sell. 


Selling, Simplified:

We believe that selling your clothes should be as simple as buying them. And this is where the magic of a digitised wardrobe sites. A digitised wardrobe is a wardrobe always available to secondhand shoppers.  And in OWNI we’ve built an offer platform where buyers can make you their best offer on your idle things. Meaning you can sell your unwanted clothes without ever having to list, take photos, or set a price. You can review, accept or reject their offers as suits you. 


OWNI’s Vision:

A Circular Economy Accelerated. Our vision aligns with the Ellen Macarthur Foundation’s goals for circular fashion. We're accelerating the transition by taking away the manual labor of auditing our possessions, a task we collectively put off, that fundamentally results in mountains of waste and billions of pounds in market inefficiency. 

Into a library of things on a blockchain that can be accessed by any shopper, retailer, repair, or recycler when needed. Turning our things into the natural assets they are and eventually putting an end to waste.  


The Road Ahead

OWNI is not just an app, it is a model for a better way of doing things. A way of accessing more value without extracting more resources from our finite earth. At scale and at a  pace that matches the urgency required for action by climate change. OWNI currently digtiised 700 items per minute improving every day as we go forth in our mission to organise the world’s stuff. 


We need to do this together.

The time to transform the way we shop, own and sell is now. And it is something that we can only do together. We invite you to join us on this mission, to take part in our community and to Download the OWNI app. Together we’ll end fashion waste.