A Look Inside The Life and Wardrobe: Safia Minney

A Look Inside The Life and Wardrobe: Safia Minney

A Pioneer of Sustainability

We've been so excited this month to be able to bring you some gorgeous pieces from Safia Minney's wardrobe. Safia's work is well known among the slow fashion community and after decades spent campaigning, educating and creating a blueprint for sustainable brands worldwide, it is safe to say we're fan girling hard over here!


Power from the people: Safia Minney's sustainable fashion mission

Safia founded sustainable clothing brand, People Tree, where she worked as CEO to bring planet friendly styles that had a positive impact not only on the buyer but also on the makers (so you might just find some exclusive pieces in this drop!)

In recent years Safia's focus has been on encouraging people at all levels to reduce the environmental effects of the fashion industry through her grassroots campaign, 'Fashion Declares'. The campaign runs events, training and webinars for everyone from consumers to brands. 

Safia's Wardrobe

You're in for a treat with this drop! With some of your favourite sustainable brands, we don't think these pieces will be around for long...


Try-on with us

And as per, we just can't resist a lil try on here at Owni, here's some of our fave dresses from the drop...

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How To Support Safia's Work

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