Inside the Life and Wardrobe: Our Founder, Kalkidan Legesse

Inside the Life and Wardrobe: Our Founder, Kalkidan Legesse

We recently asked our Founder, Kalkidan Legesse to curate a collection for her holiday to South Africa, and what better way to introduce the collection than sharing with you a bit more about Kalkidan's years of work dedicated to change and circularity.

Kalkidan started her first business after uni, sourcing handmade items from Ethiopia with ethical manufacture and sustainability being at the forefront of her business model. Since then she has integrated these values in to a successful retail business, our sister brand, Sancho's, as well as developing well.. us! OWNI! The first AI-led reverse marketplace, driven by a single goal of tackling global waste.

As well as building two change-making businesses, Kalkidan has a passion for helping and encouraging others, particularly those of ethnic minorities, with building their businesses. She does so through dedicating her free time to her patreon members, who subscribe in exchange for her years of learnt and experienced business knowledge, advice and business management resources.

Whilst tackling the issue of global waste, and the various intersections within this minefield, may seem a very time consuming goal - especially when you add in the hours committed to helping others, there is still an end goal in sight for Kalkidan.

When asked about the long-term plan, it appears slow living is still on the cards. A peaceful life somewhere on a Greek Island, visiting the local farmer's markets and bathing in the Mediterranean, all with the knowledge that both businesses have contributed to the change of a society that is focused towards circular living and respecting mother nature.

And how well deserved we think that would be!