Inside the Life and Wardrobe: Sustainability Advocate & Podcaster

Inside the Life and Wardrobe: Sustainability Advocate & Podcaster

The Woman

We've now been lucky enough to be able to give you not one but two drops from Podcast Host, Editor and Presenter, Bianca Foley! Bianca hosts 'Sustainably Influenced', a podcast that invites experts across various intersections of sustainability to share their knowledge and expertise on how we can all be more considerate of the environment.

We love the way Bianca discusses all the ways in which we can be more sustainable in our daily lives whilst closely examining the effectiveness of some of the more innovative ideas surrounding sustainability. For example, her latest episode asks the question 'Will Recycled Plastic Solve our Planet's Problem with Waste'.

With 'sustainable living' recommendations seeming to come at us from all angles, often green washed and on the surface of an overall marketing intention, it is really comforting to hear discussions on each topic so that we can decide how best we can make a change, as individuals and on a collective level.

The 'Sustainably Influenced' platform also includes frequently uploaded blog posts and recommendations that range from eco friendly U.K travel reccs to round-ups of your new fave indie fashion brands.

The Wardrobe

We'd love for you to check out Bianca's latest collection with OWNI that includes some gorgeous pieces for layering...


If you'd like to support Bianca and find out more about Bianca's work, we've included the places you can find her below:


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