#ShopMyWardrobe with Sophie Saint

#ShopMyWardrobe with Sophie Saint

With a slow style mantra and a secondhand wardrobe to match, Sophie Saint (better known as @saint.thrifty) is a digital creator sharing her love for all things secondhand. We teamed up with Sophie to list the items she’s no longer wearing in an exclusive wardrobe drop. Keep reading to recreate Sophie’s vintage style and shop her wardrobe here with free delivery for the entirety of Secondhand September.

How would you describe your style?

I swear my style is always changing (or at least fluctuating!) slightly every week, according to my mood, but the usual underlying theme is casual comfort. The outfit has to move with my body and not restrict me whatsoever so I tend to go for oversized casual fits that look street, sometimes with a vintage edge, rarely with a girly vibe (but it does happen sometimes!). Plus, owning a dog and throwing a two-year-old niece around means functional style definitely comes into play.

I usually pair something tight with something voluminous, like a tight midi skirt with an oversized t-shirt or a crop top with high-waisted loose trousers or jeans, as I like playing with silhouettes. And when it comes to jackets, I love oversized ones that swamp me - like a hug.

I don’t get too adventurous with footwear. I see shoes as functional more than a statement (boring, I know!) so I tend to live in trainers all year round with a switch to Doc Marten boots or Birkenstocks sandals according to the season.

If I love something, it’s guaranteed that you’ll see me wear it for weeks! And you’ll probably see me wearing the same jewellery, shoes and bags day in, day out, for years - I don’t tend to deviate much with the details. But there’s no shame in outfit/accessories repeating here!

Who is your style crush?

My style crushes are never celebs, always the people on the streets. Street style is so unique and, whilst hard to replicate, it’s an incredible source of inspiration! It can help you reinvent what you already own and wear items in new ways.

You can look ‘fashionable’ and copy whatever the models are wearing on fast fashion homepages but having the creativity to develop your own style and draw inspiration from real people walking the pavements is so much more fun. Having your own style and side stepping fleeting trends will always lead to a more sustainable wardrobe.

Street style photographers like @watchingnewyork provide such endless outfit inspo but there are tons of Instagram ladies who inspire me everyday. So much so that I have to save them in a fashion folder to dip into when I have those ‘I don’t know what to wear’ days. My faves include @itslinamar, @justmelines, @chloehayward_, @chloeplumstead, @ebruerkut, @thrift.rat, @chloehelenmiles and @killer.killer - you’ll see a bit of a theme that runs throughout them all!

What are you selling on OWNI and why?

I’ve hung onto quite a few pieces that I’ve collected from my travels and I’m really excited to finally pass them on to a new home! Items include a very cool 80’s batwing leather jacket from Amsterdam, my first pair of Doc Marten boots that I thrifted in Melbourne, and a beautiful embroidered backpack from Brighton.

There are other items that are my in my style but I’m simply not getting enough wear out of them, like a skateboarder adidas tshirt, relaxed fit corduroy trousers, high-waisted grey tailored trousers and some vintage polka dot culottes.

Styling these pieces to resell nearly made me change my mind and hang onto them but when items have been in storage for months or year, and you haven’t missed them, it usually means that you have enough clothes. Time to pass them on and keep this curricular economy going…

You can shop Sophie’s wardrobe here.

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