How to Shop Secondhand on a Budget

How to Shop Secondhand on a Budget

The cost of living crisis has forced many of us to cut back on spending and source supplementary sources of income. At OWNI, our dual mission is to help you turn your unwanted clothes into cash and to provide an affordable and sustainable way to enjoy fashion. Today, we’re sharing our top tips for finding pre-loved bargains on OWNI, featuring a curated collection of stylish clothes and accessories, ranging between £4 and £30.

Filter your search

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When searching on OWNI, filters are your best friend. Browse hundreds of listings within your budget by selecting your price range. You can narrow your search down further by filtering by size and colour. That’s how we found these pre-loved Autumn staples, all for £20 or under.

Shop your favourite brands for less

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OWNI partners with the sustainable brands you know and love so you can shop their sample and pre-loved pieces for up to 80% off the original retail price. Brand new from the 69b Boutique archive, this Kowtow navy singlet was originally priced at £100 and is now just £21 on OWNI. We recreated this look secondhand with a pre-loved tee and BNWT navy trousers.

Calculate the cost per wear

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The cheapest purchases can be the most expensive if we only use them once. An easy way to buy less and buy better is to calculate the cost per wear of every potential purchase by dividing the price of the item by the number of times you'll realistically wear it. The lower the figure, the more valuable the item is. If we wore this £30 gingham dress at least 30 times, for example, the cost per wear is just 30p! A £5 fast fashion skirt worn only twice, on the other hand, isn’t worth the money.

Look out for price drops

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Did you know listings on OWNI regularly drop down in price? This beautiful Armedangels midi skirt was originally listed for £60 and is now half the price. Discounted items reappear at the top of our new arrivals so keep checking back weekly!

Search for secondhand first

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OWNI isn't just for clothes! Sourcing anything secondhand, whether a dress or an unused water bottle, saves on money and planetary resources. If you're in ever need of a new book, toiletries, slippers or even undies, double check if you can get them cheaper on OWNI first.