How to Sell on OWNI

How to Sell on OWNI

Are you looking to turn your unwanted clothes into cash? You’ve come to the right place: OWNI is an online marketplace to sell and buy pre-loved fashion. We take the hard work out of resale by making it easier than ever to sell what you no longer love. In this guide, we’ll share everything you need to know to start selling, from setting up your account to getting paid.

Set up your account

You need an OWNI account to start selling, so we’ve made the sign up process quick and simple. Once you’re logged in, you can edit your account settings by clicking on ‘My account’ and then heading to ‘Settings’. Here, you can set a username, write a brief bio and upload a profile picture. This is also where you add your shipping address and connect your payout account details - 2 crucial steps to complete before selling.

Manage your digital wardrobe

Once you’ve configured your account, you’ll want to head to your digital wardrobe. This is where you’ll be able to see your past orders from our brand partners, like Sancho’s, Birdsong and By Megan Crosby. You can also manually digitalise the contents of your physical wardrobe by uploading photos and filling out basic item details. The purpose of your digital wardrobe is to help you manage everything you own and identify what you want to sell, like the clothes that no longer fit or reflect your style. We’ve compiled our favourite wardrobe decluttering tips to guide you through this process.

Choose what to sell

OWNI is an online marketplace to buy and sell clothes, shoes and accessories. In our new arrivals section you’ll see a variety of different clothing, ranging from vintage and designer to items bought from our brand partners and the high street. We accept menswear and womenswear in all sizes and conditions so long as this is accurately reflected in the listing description. For a full list of prohibited items, please see our terms of sale.

If you’re still not sure what your wardrobe is worth, our online calculator estimates how much you could make selling your unwanted items. Another great way to see what’s likely to sell is to check out this list of brands already sold on OWNI.

One Click Resale

If you’re selling something bought from one of our partner brands, wave goodbye to the hours spent snapping pics and writing descriptions. We’ll pre-populate the product listing for you with all the essential info, so you can fill out the rest in seconds. We’ll also verify the listing so the buyer trusts that it’s authentic. It’s really that easy!

Manual upload

If you’ve selling an item bought elsewhere, don’t despair! Listing from scratch is still super simple. Here’s how to make your listing standout:

Tick all the boxes: buyers want to know exactly what they're buying so detailed and accurate product descriptions are key. We guide you every step of the way so you know what information to include, like exact item measurements and fabric material.

Capture the moment: Photograph your item from every angle using natural lighting and a plain backdrop where possible. This is a good opportunity to highlight any flaws or signs of wear and to photograph tags on branded items.

Tell a story: Clothes sold on OWNI are designed to be passed from wardrobe to wardrobe, accumulating new memories with each wearer. If you’re selling a lucky suit you wore to a job interview or a jumper you inherited from your gran, let buyers know in the description!

Set your price

There’s no hard or fast rule on how you should price your items. Maybe you want to research how other sellers are pricing their items so you can price competitively or maybe you’re selling something unique which increases its monetary value. If you’re worried about pricing something too high, you can opt for our flexible pricing model. This lowers the asking price for unsold items over time to increase your chances of selling.

Share it

Boost your item’s visibility by sharing your listing across social media. You could feature it on stories or add a link to your profile bio. We regularly share our top picks on our Instagram and in our newsletter. Keep listing for a chance to be featured in our seller spotlight!

Ship it

When you receive a sold notification, it’s time to seal the deal. We recommend that you ship your item within 2 working days. To print your pre-paid shipping label, click ‘accept order’ in your seller hub (this is where all of your orders live). You won’t have to leave your house and can arrange a courier collection from your doorstep. Once you’ve sent your item, update the order status to ‘shipped’ and we’ll let the buyer know it’s on its way.

Get paid

When the buyer receives your item, they have 5 working days to accept it in their buyer hub (where all of your OWNI purchases live). Once this is confirmed, we’ll process your payment and send it straight to your bank account, minus our 20% commission fee (including shipping).

And there you have it. Easy, right? It’s the way resale should be. Start selling with OWNI today and earn some extra cash.