Behind the brand with Outsider Fashion

Behind the brand with Outsider Fashion

This Secondhand September, we’re thrilled to be growing our community of brand partners by welcoming Outsider Fashion to OWNI’s ecosystem. Outsider is a 13-year-old fashion brand proving that ethical fashion is stylish. If you’re already an Outsider customer, your past purchases are waiting in your digital wardrobe to be reworn or resold. Soon-to-be customers can shop pre-loved Outsider and enjoy free shipping throughout Secondhand September.

We caught up with founder Noorin Khamisani to go behind the brand…

Meet Noorin, the founder of Outsider Fashion

Why did you found Outsider?

After working in the fashion industry for nearly 6 years in both New York and London, I became very disillusioned with the lack of consideration for ethics or sustainability in the supply chain. After several years of research into sustainable fashion design and fabrics, I launched Outsider in 2009. At that time there were not many ethical or sustainable fashion brands around, so choice was really limited. I tried to create the brand I was looking for, something designed for longevity and versatility with a minimalist aesthetic and luxurious fabrics at a mid-market price point.

What makes Outsider different from other fashion brands?

Since 2009 I have offered fashion made from a variety of sustainable and ethically sourced fabrics, including organic and colour grown cottons, hemp silk blends, merino wool, tencel and bamboo. We produce our styles in limited edition runs with three small manufacturers which we have visited in person on many occasions.

Outsider styles are designed with longevity in mind, hence they are made from beautiful fabrics and manufactured to a high quality, so they can be worn season after season.

What does circularity mean to you?

I conducted research during my MA in Fashion Futures at London College of Fashion specifically looking at how long Outsider styles were worn and owned as part of a project looking at circular design. For me circularity is about designing garments and systems for these garments to have as many life-cycles as possible so precious resources do not go to waste.

Why is Outsider Fashion joining OWNI?

I have wanted a way to offer Resale to my clients for many years but there was no system available to a business of my size, when OWNI got in touch I was so excited. It's an amazing app, which makes Resale seamless for both the brand and clients. This way my sustainability goals and responsibilities can be achieved beyond the first product purchase and my pieces can enjoy many lives.

What are you selling on OWNI?

We are selling pre-loved pieces, one-off samples, archive pieces and of course, we are encouraging our customers to list any items they no longer wear. There are a few items from our second and third collections available right now, but once they are gone, they are gone! Until perhaps they get relisted for resale in the future.

Shop and sell pre-loved Outsider here.