Answering Your Selling Questions

Answering Your Selling Questions

OWNI is a resale platform for sellers looking to spend less time listing and more time doing what they love. Today, we’re tackling the questions you want the answers to, so you can see why our community of sellers choose OWNI.

Why should I sell on OWNI?

We’re glad you asked! OWNI takes the hard work out of resale by making it easier than ever to sell the items you no longer wear. We pre-load your listings with the size, images and description so you can fill out the rest in seconds. There’s no need to negotiate prices or exchange endless messages to make the sale; we’ll speak to shoppers for you and provide weekday customer support. It’s also really easy to send your items but more on that later!

Why do you partner with brands?

Our brand partnerships make OWNI unique. Every time you purchase something from one of our brand partners, like Birdsong, Sancho’s, Gung Ho and 69b Boutique, your order gets added to your OWNI digital wardrobe. When you later choose to sell this purchase on, we’ll automate the listing for you.

We partner with brands who design clothes that can be passed from wardrobe to wardrobe. We think sustainability should be rewarded which is why we pay brands a royalty every time one of their products sells. Sell on OWNI to support your favourite brands a second time round.

How do I list an item for sale?

It’s simple. Go to your digital wardrobe to identify the item you want to sell and click ‘set a price’. Here, you can edit the listing and add any extra details, like the item condition. When you’re happy with your listing, click ‘list for sale’.

Can I list items I bought from other brands?

Of course! The benefit of listing an item bought from our partner brands is that we pre-populate the listing for you. To list something else, go to your digital wardrobe and click ‘add a product’. We’ll guide you through the listing process and prompt you to add the details a buyer is looking for.

Are there any perks for selling on OWNI?

Tons! Selling on OWNI saves you the time, energy and effort it would take to list items from scratch. Every time you list an item purchased from one of our partner brands, we’ll reward you with an exclusive brand discount. It’s our way of saying thank you for selling on OWNI.

What is the minimum price I can list an item for?

There is no minimum price and you can list items for as little as you want. We recommend opting for our flexible pricing model which gradually lowers the price of unsold items over time. Every time the price is lowered, your listing appears at the top of new arrivals, boosting your chances of selling.

What are the listing and selling fees?

It is free to list items on OWNI and there’s no limit to how many items you can list. When you sell an item on OWNI, we deduct 20% of the total in fees.

How do I send an item?

You can post your item from the comfort of your own home! We’ll notify you when you sell an item and instruct you to log into your seller’s hub. To generate your pre-paid shipping label and arrange an at-home courier collection, click’ accept order’. All that’s left to do is to package your order and wait for it to be collected by our courier.

When do I get paid?

We give buyers 5 working days to let us know that everything’s ok before we process your payment. To set up your payout details, head to your account settings, select ‘Connect with Stripe’ and follow the registration process.

How do I join OWNI?

To start selling, create an OWNI account and see what past orders are waiting in your digital wardrobe. To use OWNI with confidence, we recommend checking out our FAQs and how it works page.

Got another question?

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