#ShopMyWardrobe with Becky Mary Hughes

#ShopMyWardrobe with Becky Mary Hughes

Known for her playful sustainable style and advocation of slow and ethical fashion, Becky Mary Hughes is a content creator you need on your radar. We teamed up with Becky to list the items she’s no longer wearing in an exclusive wardrobe drop. Keep reading to recreate Becky’s y2k style and shop her wardrobe here with free delivery for the entirety of Secondhand September.

How would you describe your style?

I’ll always love early 00s fashion (y2k). I like wearing it because I am nostalgic for that time - McDonald’s birthday parties, portable CD players and S Club 7. I like big sunnies, low-rise jeans, big bags, and large earrings! I also love to incorporate complementary colours in what I wear, my mum is an artist, so I think that partly inspires me when it comes to my love of colour and what works together best.

Who is your style crush?

I love Bella Hadid’s style. I like how her stylist will purchase items from Depop and other secondhand stores for Bella to wear, - it feels authentic and a style anyone can achieve. A lot of my style crushes are content creators on either Tiktok or Instagram. I’d love to shout-out @omgtiffanie on IG. She is so talented and the queen of Y2k.

What are you selling on OWNI and why?

Lime Green Lucy & Yak Cotton T-shirt - this T-shirt is in near-perfect condition, the design is original and bright! I love it; I just don’t wear it enough.

Khaki y2k style dress - I love this dress but it’s just a bit too short for me. I’m 5’5/5’6, so I’d recommend this dress for someone shorter.

Vintage zebra bag with woven handle - this bag is in great condition. It’s the perfect size for all your essentials plus more. I think it’s super unique! I already have a zebra bag so I thought I would sell this one on.

Y2k style pink and white T-shirt - I bought this t-shirt in York a few years ago and loved it. I recommend wearing it with wide legs jeans, and chunky trainers. I’ve worn it lots and think it’s time to pass it on to a new home. It’s still in great condition!

Laura Scott hot pink jeans - these trousers are in perfect condition however I think the hot pink is a bit too ‘out-there’ for me. If you love bright colours, you will love these.

Karen Millen pleated skirt - this skirt is beautiful, the colour is gorgeous, and the quality is great. The skirt is a size 10 but unfortunately, it’s too small for me. It fits more like a size 8.

You can shop Becky’s wardrobe here.

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