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OWNI is on a mission to disrupt the secondhand market to make it easier and more profitable to sell secondhand than ever before. We're looking for climate activist with strong sales, organisational and interpersonal skills to revolutionise reselling for good.

March 2024

Community Partnerships Officer (Part Time)

Join Our Team at OWNI: Become Our Partnerships Officer

OWNI is on a mission to make reselling simple and fun with AI. We are looking for a dynamic Partnerships Officer to join our team. Your role will involve sourcing inventory from resale partners, including influencers, and supporting our brand partners’ customers through our buy-back protocol.

What You'll Do

- Source 2000 items per month.

- Build and maintain relationships with influencers and brand partners.

- Assist in developing our buy-back protocol to source high-quality items

- Source items directly from OWNI’s digital inventory. 

What We Offer

- A monthly pay of £1200.

- A Flexible Part-Time Hybrid Contract

- An innovative team environment.

- A pivotal role in a fast-growing startup focused on sustainability and fashion.


- Excellent and proven communication, negotiation, and relational skills.

- A keen eye for fashion and trends in the resale market.

- Ability to analyze numerical, trend, and visual data. 

Objective Start Date

  • March Week 1
Warehouse Operations Officer (Part Time)

OWNI is Seeking a Warehouse Operations Officer

As part of our mission to streamline the reselling process, OWNI needs a Warehouse Operations Officer. You'll receive, process, list, store, and ship orders while carrying out customer care to ensure the best service.

What You'll Do

- Generate 1500 listings per month.

- Ensure efficient operation of our warehouse processes.

- Provide exceptional customer service.

What We Offer

- A monthly salary of £1200.

- A Part Time Flexible Schedule 

- The chance to be at the forefront of the reselling revolution.

- A role that is critical to the operational success of OWNI.


- Strong organisational skills.

- Experience in warehouse operations or logistics.

- Strong Photography and photo editing skills.

- Passion for providing high-quality customer service.

Objective Start Date

  • March Week 1

April - May 2024

Digital Marketing Manager (Part-Time)

Be the Voice of Resale Innovation as OWNI's Digital Marketing Manager

OWNI, a pioneer in Resale AI, is looking for a Digital Marketing Manager with a passion for creating impactful online experiences. Your role will focus on website maintenance, SEO, email marketing, content management, and paid advertising across platforms, including our mobile app.

What You'll Do

- Drive monthly web visitors and achieve a healthy website conversion rate.

- Grow our newsletter subscribers and achieve great monthly app download numbers. 

- Maintain mobile app engagement rate through effective content marketing strategies.

What We Offer 

- A monthly salary of £1,500.

- Part-Time, Flexible, Hybrid Work 

- An opportunity to shape the digital landscape of the reselling industry.

- A creative and dynamic work environment.


- Proven experience in digital marketing, with a strong portfolio in SEO, content management, and email marketing.

- Exceptional analytical and communication skills.

- Creativity and a strong understanding of the digital marketing ecosystem.

Objective Start Date

  • April Week 1
Social Media Manager (Part Time)

Drive OWNI's Brand Awareness as Our Social Media Manager

At OWNI, we're creating a fun, social, and simple reselling experience with AI. We need a Social Media Manager who can harness the power of short-form video marketing to grow our audience and build national awareness.

What You'll Do

- Achieve growth in followers on Instagram and TikTok with a content reach of 1,000,000 monthly and high engagement levels.

- Create compelling content that highlights OWNI as the first reverse marketplace. 

- Collaborate with creatives and our community to amplify our message.

What We Offer:

- A monthly salary of £1,500.

- Part-Time, Flexible, Hybrid Work 

- The chance to be a part of a groundbreaking startup.

- A role that offers creativity and community engagement.


- Expertise in short-form video for social media platforms, especially Instagram and TikTok.

- Experience in creating viral content and growing social media presence.

- Excellent communication and collaborative skills.

Objective Start Date

  • April Week 2
Brand Partnerships Officer (Part Time)

Join OWNI as a Brand Partnerships Officer and Revolutionise Reselling

OWNI is looking for a Brand Partnerships Officer to create and maintain brand relationships.

What You'll Do

- Secure new brands partnership each month

- Develop existing partnerships for business growth

- Work closely with the product team to enhance B2B tools

What We Offer

- A monthly salary of £2,000.

- Part-Time, Flexible, Hybrid Work 

- A crucial role in expanding our inventory and brand partnerships.


- Strong relationship management and negotiation skills.

- Understanding of digital inventory management and user acquisition strategies.

- B2B Sales Background

Objective Start Date

  • April Week 3
Offers Officer (Part Time)

Shape the Future of Reselling as OWNI's Offers Officer

As OWNI expands, we need an Offers Officer focused on customer management and engagement, ensuring a high rate of offer acceptance and completion on our platform.

What You'll Do

- Manage £100K of offers made per month via our platform. 

- Retain and re-engage our user base through strategic initiatives across various marketing channels.

- Work closely with the marketing and product teams to improve offer success rates.

What We Offer

- A monthly salary of £2,000.

- Part-Time, Flexible, Hybrid Work 

- A role at the intersection of customer engagement and sales success.

- An innovative environment with a focus on growth and optimization.


-Experience in PLG Start-Ups

- Experience in customer relationship management and sales.

- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

- Excellent communication and teamwork abilities.

Objective Start Date

  • April Week 4


To apply for a role email with the role title, your CV and LinkedIn and any other materials you feel supports your application.