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This is a dedicated space to circulate clothes & accessories from Handmade Stories.  Shop the brands incredible styles second hand here. Plus when you're ready to sell Handmade Stories items all of the product information for the items you purchase from Handmade Stories and from OWNI will be preloaded into your account in the OWNI mobile app to make reselling simple. 

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OWNI and your favourite brands have joined forces to revolutionise the the world of resale, making it easier, faster and more rewarding to circulate your clothes.

How It Works.



    From our circular brand partners.

  • Digitise

    OWNI pre-loades product photos & details into your OWNI wardrobe.

  • ReSell

    Items you aren't wearing. With the OWNI app.

  • Reward

    Enjoy up to 30% off your next secondhand or new purchase from your favourite brand.